Incredible Airstream Interiors

Incredible Airstream Interiors

As we begin outfitting our new Airstream, we’ll look to these amazing interiors and others for inspiration. We’ve already picked out dishes and glasses from Crate and Barrel, a roll-up table that expands up and down from REI and other little things along the way. And since John came with a lot of duplicates in terms of household items, we’re going to utilize those as well to save a lot of money. I’ll post some of those items as we go.

Check out the link above to see how beautiful these vintage Airstreams turned out. Hat tip to my designer and artist buddy, Fritz Koch, for the link.


Vintage Airstream Village, Florida

IMG_3446 IMG_3448

I spent a year vacillating between going vintage or a new model. A 1970’s era Overlander is featured in AIRSTREAMING and I thought how cool it would be to go around the country and conduct readings and then show people the Overlander so they’d have a visual reference to what they’ve read or are going to read. What I found were that most Vintage owners are quite adept at carpentry, plumbing and remodeling, which I am most certainly not (though I do envision myself as a person who could with lots of practice).

But let’s be real. I would be working on it for years before I would get it to a place I’d want it to be, or I’d have to hire out for all the other stuff, which would price me right back to getting a new Airstream. I will always, however, have great respect for the vintage models and someday, when I retire, might embark on doing one. At Bates RV in Florida they have a mini Vintage Airstream Village that is fun, and each Airstream contains an office or is used by the company.

One can dream.

The New Driveway is Ready for Margaret


After a solid week of mud, cleaning the floors of the house constantly and moving rocks and debris around, the driveway is finished. We widened it by 4 feet, put in two retaining walls and a new pad with 5/8 – foundation gravel. It looks great. The team at Wall Systems, NW could not have been nicer, more professional and greater problem solvers. Thanks to Paul Benedict for walking us through everything from start to finish. If you need retaining walls, these are the guys to go to. I’m happy to send you their info. They are working on a new website so I’ll post it when they finish it up.

Now we have to go pick up our Airstream at the beginning of March. I can’t wait.

Getting Ready for the New Airstream

IMG_3508 IMG_3509

The good people at Wall Systems NW are working hard to build new retaining walls for me and my neighbors. The driveway is also being widened by almost 5 feet. Right now it’s a muddy mess, but one wall is almost up and by the weekend it should look a whole lot different.

I’ve actually been wanting to do this for about the last ten years, but now it’s going to be done and it’ll look great.

Tom Schabarum | Writer

IMG_3361 - Version 2

As I tell people about my book all over the country, I get a lot of great feedback on places to go. This was no different when John and I were down in Florida near New Port Richey celebrating his mom’s 90th birthday with his family. One of his friends mentioned Airstream Ranch, which is modeled off of Cadillac Ranch, but using slightly bigger art. Of course, I had to go.

So we set off on our way back to Orlando to fly home to see the Ranch and take pictures. A sort of pilgrimage for me. I’ve been researching and looking towards buying an Airstream for nearly a year now and am about to pull the trigger.

Airstream Ranch was built by the good folks at Bates RV just off I-4 between Tampa and Orlando. (Manchester exit). Apparently, there was much discussion (pro and con) about its installation among…

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Meet Margaret


After a full year of longing, research, talking and dreaming, we finally did it. John and I purchased our first big thing together: A 23ft. Airstream Flying Cloud FB (Front Bedroom). I had gone back and forth between buying a vintage model (Overlander circa 1970’s) and a newer model. After looking and researching the vintage models, I realized the time and expense in rehabilitating an older Airstream would be too much and might never get done. I’m just not handy that way and it took me awhile to really accept it. I had been keeping an eye on a 23ft model after meeting Matt and Rebecca of Boxfoto’s Airstream in Tampa Bay, Florida last spring.

Let’s back up. Airstreams have been on my mind for over 14 years. I’d written a short story called Airstreaming with the trailer as the central metaphor. A little while later, it became a screenplay, which was a finalist in the Chesterfield Screenplay Competition sponsored by Universal Studios, Spielberg’s Amblin’ Entertainment and a few others. Then, the screenplay needed to become a novel, which was far different from the short story and screenplay, and it took me nearly 12 years to finish it. In other words, Airstreams, or the idea of them have consumed me for all this time.

Airstream of Spokane had just the exact model we were looking for and I kept watching it for nearly two months as they dropped the price on the 23 ft Flying Cloud as the model year came to an end. John and I drove out to Spokane yesterday and met Nick and Karyn who own Aistream of Spokane. They could not have been nicer people and very patient with all of our questions. While we were going over the trailer with a fine tooth comb, John said, “Why don’t we buy this together.” It made total sense since we’ll be traveling together in it all over and it will be the first big purchase we will make together. It made us both very happy, and all the way home John researched sites and came across several like Monica Bennet’s “Just Five More Minutes” and Riveted by Laura Domela and her husband, Kevin and Anna Sullivan’s site, Glamper: An Airstream Diary –  sites I’d been following for quite awhile.

Most everyone names their Airstreams. I told John I really wanted to name our Airstream, Margaret.

IMG_0972 - Version 2

Margaret Brittingham Curtice was my grandmother. I dedicated my novel, Airstreaming, to her when it was published. She passed away last spring and her generosity to all her grandchildren helped me with fulfilling this dream of mine – and now ours. I lived with my Grandmother for 3 years while going to college and we formed a special bond that transcended age and family. I came back to Santa Barbara to live for another 3.5 years and saw her for dinner or our trips to Costco, walks on the beach and our special Thanksgiving tradition of free donuts and coffee at Hendry’s Beach in the early morning. I miss her so much, but now she’ll continue to be a part of us for the rest of our lives.


In the next several years, watch this blog as we come to learn about Margaret, travel to wonderful places with Buster the Wonderdog, and most especially of all, meet fellow ‘streamers along the way.