Vintage Airstream Village, Florida

IMG_3446 IMG_3448

I spent a year vacillating between going vintage or a new model. A 1970’s era Overlander is featured in AIRSTREAMING and I thought how cool it would be to go around the country and conduct readings and then show people the Overlander so they’d have a visual reference to what they’ve read or are going to read. What I found were that most Vintage owners are quite adept at carpentry, plumbing and remodeling, which I am most certainly not (though I do envision myself as a person who could with lots of practice).

But let’s be real. I would be working on it for years before I would get it to a place I’d want it to be, or I’d have to hire out for all the other stuff, which would price me right back to getting a new Airstream. I will always, however, have great respect for the vintage models and someday, when I retire, might embark on doing one. At Bates RV in Florida they have a mini Vintage Airstream Village that is fun, and each Airstream contains an office or is used by the company.

One can dream.


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