Bringing Margaret Home


It was an amazing experience at Airstream of Spokane picking up Margaret. She is a beautiful Airstream both inside and out just like her namesake was – my Grandmother.

Nick and Karyn Dietz of Airstream of Spokane spent hours with us going over every detail and getting us squared away on getting her back to Seattle in one piece. Our tutorial session was over 6 hours long and our questions were many. Nick was patient at every turn and is a fantastic resourceful guy. They set us up for the night outside of their building where we spent our very first night slumbering inside. Buster seemed to enjoy it although he woke John up at 4:30am to see what was up.

It was the first time I’ve ever trailered anything and setting her up with the 4Runner went pretty smooth, although Toyota’s placement of the electric wire is not very intelligent and pretty far from the hitch, which Doug at AS did a great job of changing it. They also installed a bike rack primarily for John’s love of mountain biking. Starting this spring, I believe it will be used quite a bit!


We left AS and began our journey home without any problems whatsoever. Buster fell asleep because he was chasing John and myself while we tried out AS’s Pedego electric bikes, which are very cool. If I ever have to commute to work, I’ll think about getting one of them. We stopped at the Wild Horses Monument (closed for the winter) and went over to look at the Columbia River Gorge and got this great shot of Buster.


Going up the grade out of the Gorge was a little tricky as I was learning when to shift into a lower gear, but we went slow and made it up just fine. When we got near Snoqualmie Pass, the weather was awful and you couldn’t see the lane lines on the road. A bit of a white-knuckler for me, but we ended up just fine.

Backing her into the driveway proved to be another great challenge, but we have plans to make it easier despite having just widened it. After we fix what we need to fix, it will be a lot easier. Today was all about doing little chores and make her landing a little nicer. We gave tours to many of our neighbors who were all as excited as we were. It was a lot of fun!


We still have a ton of stuff to do to outfit our Airstream (like getting a topper for the bed, which is not her best quality), but we’re going out again next weekend up to Snoqualmie to hopefully meet Monica Bennett, who has one of the best Airstream blogs going: Just Five More Minutes. If the snow is great, we hope to go snowshoeing again. We love the Source Lake Basin up near Alpenthal to hike in.

We are true ‘streamers now and are totally in love with Margaret. On another note: I was amazed and delighted that Karyn of Airstream of Spokane read my novel Airstreaming the night after I gave her a copy. She couldn’t stop reading it and didn’t get to sleep until 4am. Nick said she was wiped out the next day. Sorry Nick! And Karyn wrote that she was “riveted.” Nice! Oh, and if you’re in Spokane or ‘streaming through, stop by and pick up a paperback copy!

If you are thinking of buying an Airstream, I highly recommend Airstream of Spokane. It was a great experience.


5 thoughts on “Bringing Margaret Home

  1. Sorry, hope this comment doesn’t show up three times, ugh. Having some technical difficulties this morning but I wanted to say a big congratulations to you, John and Buster! Your Airstream looks beautiful especially with the bike rack on the back. Wow! I also have to agree wholeheartedly that Nick and Karyn are by far the best, ever! I am impressed they took the time they did with you but it is no wonder, those are the type of people they are. Also Doug is a total treasure too — I adored him and he really knows everything there is to know about the workings of an Airstream. I am so happy you bought from them!!!!! Thank you for the mention too, how sweet 🙂 xoxox I look forward to following your future travels !!!

  2. Congratulations on your new addition! Our new one came from the same ‘family’, Airstream of Portland. We actually have TWO toppers on our bed and we are not sure if that will be enough. I feel that is a glaring problem considering the $’s we are paying for these trailers.

    • Hi Roger,

      I didn’t know Portland and Spokane were connected. Interesting. We are off to get our topper today. I have a hip issue so we have a Tempurpedic at home, so I think the same thing as a topper might just do the trick.

  3. Congratulations guys! I am so jealous. I wish I was in Seattle to get a tour too. As you know there are some wonderful campsites (and good mountain biking to boot) down here in the Bay Area. Hopefully you’ll be passing through with Margaret soon! Best of luck with her!

  4. Thanks Tom for your glowing review. And actually Roger we have no connection to Portland or anyone else. Just Airstream, Inc. We have been in Spokane since 2005. That eight years flew by. Stop by sometime when you are passing through! We really enjoyed working with you and John and remember that free camping spot is waiting for you. We have Tom’s books available for sale when you stop in!!!

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