Shakedown Glamp #1: Alpental, Snoqualmie Pass


John and myself decided to go on a few short trips before a longer Glamp to assess our abilities, see what we forgot and improve on our Glamping skills prior to really biting off a big chunck ‘o Glamping. So, I’m going to post on them and let the chips fall where they may.

We were only an hour late on our drop dead time for leaving, which was 3pm on Friday afternoon. There was a LOT to do. Besides making a couple of meals, including a delicious potato soup that John made, we had a lot of things to do to ready Margaret for her initial journey.



We had plenty of food. We got a great spot at the Alpental Overnight Camp area, which is very close to the ski area. Margaret was very comfy. The bed topper was a big improvement. All systems worked like a charm. The snowshoeing and weather couldn’t have been more incredible. The rugged mountain scenery. The people we met were all very nice and had lots of tips and one guy, Ian, shared his Knob Creek bourbon, which I happened to like very much! John and I had a lot of fun, and Buster has been wiped out since we left. Buster had a lot of playtime with the other dogs and he really took to the Airstream this time and knew where to find it. We now have a very long list of things to find, procure and do to the Airstream prior to Shakedown Glamp 2. Rich Luhr’s book, The Newbies Guide to Airstreaming. The guy with the very cool propane-fueled campfire. All the kids, and some adults, in costume for their final days of ski school this season. The beauty of Source Lake Basin and a truly spectacular view of Chair Peak (pictured below) from just below the ridge overlooking Snow and Source Lakes.



I did not load up enough water despite John telling me to load more. (I was afraid of being too heavy). John was right, and we ran out of water Saturday evening. No sponges. Big Box generators right next to our quiet-as-a-church-mouse Margaret. We were the only Airstream in the whole lot! : ( Unfortunately, Monica was under the weather and was forced to abandon plans. We already have twofootitis (a disease common among ‘streamers wishing they got the next size up). The guy who felt like he owned the lot and parked his big box RV like an ass. I almost drove off with the back two stabilizers down. We ran out of battery just before leaving, which caused us to have to hook up the car to get the trailer hitch to work.


The people next to us with the Big Box camper let their dogs out unsupervised all the time, who then proceeded to poop and pee everywhere and their owners never cleaned up after them. The lunch we ate at Alpental gave me a bad case of the you know what.



4 thoughts on “Shakedown Glamp #1: Alpental, Snoqualmie Pass

  1. I really enjoyed reading this and loved living vicariously through your words because I so wished I could have been there. We would have been the only two Airstreams in the lot, for sure. It is such a great spot as far as access to winter snow sports – don’t you agree? Sorry to hear about the disrespect from the people with their dogs. Drives me crazy when they let their dogs run a muck all over the lot. One time one of the dogs tackled Bradley and Jeff threw a FIT (good thing mamma bear wasn’t there). We too have run out of battery power and had to hook up the truck to the Airstream to get some power going!

  2. Oh my goodness! You have made me laugh so bad! When we purchased our first A/S, a 20′ Safari, we went through some of your bads. We had our first shakedown, as soon as we drove the A/S out of Airstream of Spokane’s lot! We hauled our brand new baby back to Homer, AK. As soon as we got home, the first thing we did was type a check off list for getting underway. We don’t use it anymore, and we should, because now and then we forget to secure the steps! Grrrr. Thankfully, we remember about them, just before we drive on the main drag. Ditto on doggies not leashed or not cleaning up after. Yuk!
    The thing is that you had a wonderful time, in spite of a couple of oopsies. You, John and Buster will be glamping again onboard Margaret and making beautiful memories. Looking forward to your next post and stunning photos. To life!

    • I can’t believe your first Shakedown trip was all the way to Homer, AK. Man, you guys are brave little toasters. We were wondering how long of a trip that was and if the road is paved all the way. I bet it was spectacular. We made a list as well and are now answering each of those items. Today, we’re cutting the topper we bought to match the mattress, which, as you know is a bit of a weird shape. I guess the great thing about driving off with the stabilizers down the first time, is that it’s going to stick in our minds from here on out to do the 4 point check! Glad I made you laugh! Would love to do the drive up there someday, that would be fantastic!

  3. We
    had no choice, since Homer was our home from 2004 through 2007. My hubby was stationed onboard the USCGC Hickory. We wanted an A/S ready for travel for our next tour of duty. Which was going cross country to Rockland, ME! That was super fun!
    It’s approx. 2,623 miles from Spokane to Homer. It really tooks us 6 days to get home. The ALCAN is paved but there are some parts that are always being repaired, so driving over gravel is the only way. We were lucky. The many times we went up and down the ALCAN, we never had a broken or chipped window on our pick up truck or the A/S. When we arrived in Homer, we noted that the A/S rock guards had hundreds of little dings. That’s what happens when driving the ALCAN and the rock guards did their job.
    You must do the drive up to Alaska. I just plain call it God’s country. Last summer, I followed several bloggers posts that drove up to Alaska i.e. and They had a wonderful time and I loved reading their adventures.
    I’m so glad you mentioned the topper. I have to go out and get one for our rack too. We are planning a little trip to the coast and I best have a decent nights sleep.
    In the mean time, have a great week!

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