Fellow ‘Streamers: Tiffani and Deke of Weaslemouth


One of the very best things about Airstream culture is meeting the great people who live in and own them.

After dropping Buster off for his knee surgery, and feeling very low about it, John and I were looking to fill some time in before going over to Bellevue and we happened to be right near Bothell where Tiffani and Deke are hanging out for awhile. We’d been playing Facebook tag for a long time, but I thought, heck, let’s just go see if they were there.

Well, as luck would have it, Tiffani was walking their dog by the office when we were inquiring about them at the Lake Pleasant RV Park (which is really quite pleasant in the middle of a large metropolis), and we spent a good amount of time with them talking about everything Airstream. As usual, we learned a lot and even picked up some little round magnetic-back tins at World Market after seeing theirs on the way home. We also liked Deke’s bed-cover on his F-250, which rolls up nicely. Their curtains were awesome, too, which removes the blandness from the curtains that come stock with the Airstream. We got so many great ideas and are very envious of their walk around bed, camp flooring and so many other things.

We enjoyed meeting them and Deke’s dad, who was visiting from North Carolina, and hope to see them up on Whidbey Island soon!

Deke and Tiffani keep a great blog: http://www.weaselmouth.com and I highly recommend a visit there.


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