Dave Matthews Band at The Gorge


For the past ten years I’ve wanted to go see Dave Matthews at The Gorge Amphitheater just east of the mountains along the Columbia River. I seriously don’t know why it took so long, but it was an absolute treat to see the venue for the first time and experience an amazing show. Along with the music, the staging was incredible.


I was introduced to Dave Matthew’s music after I picked up Under the Table and Dreaming on my way out of Vancouver on the bubble train to Jasper, Canada. I played it over and over again in a fever dream of sickness as I traveled. I fell in love with songs like Satellite, Proudest Monkey, #41, Bartender and Crash Into Me.  I wrote two poems that to this day remain among my favorites: Train to Jasper and My Country.


My nephew had previously turned me on to Lord Huron and we really enjoyed The Head and the Heart, who clearly enjoyed playing to an enormous crowd. I was struck by the clarity and quality of sound for such a huge venue. DMB’s music absolutely demands a system where you can pick out and hear each instrument. It was extraordinary.


We glamped again at Wanapum State Park, which is a very well cared for state park and has extraordinary views across the river and a desert landscape that is diametrically different only a couple of hours away from Seattle. The park was filled with DMB fans and began to empty around 5pm prior to the show. It’s a nice place to stay if you’re too old for the camping at The Gorge, which is a festival-like atmosphere where the party doesn’t stop for three full days. It was nice to come back and enjoy some quiet after the show with wine and treats Karen bought at a farm stand on her way.


Sitting and lounging on the grass with John, I was struck by the beauty of the landscape, the sunset, and the many different strains of marijuana smoke wafting up from the crowd, whose good-natured rowdiness and fun-loving entrepreneurship was evidenced in showers of glo-sticks.


Our dear friend, Karen, joined and danced with us through the smokey haze amid our contact high and we just had an amazing day with 20,000 other music loving souls.


One thought on “Dave Matthews Band at The Gorge

  1. Such a beautiful evening and glamping experience! It’s been so long since I’ve been out to the Gorge so thank you for inspiring me 🙂 !! #41 is my all time favorite song by DM — love, love, love that one.

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