Margaret Has a New Home


After several weeks of building through typhoon and rain squall delays, Margaret has a new home. You might remember that we did a driveway and walls at our last house in January of this year, and when we moved, we had a larger job to complete.

The fantastic people at Wall Systems NW once again did a great job on our retaining walls and driveway so we can fit both our Flying Cloud 23FB and our tow vehicle in together. Lots of earth was moved, and rock used to build the walls.


Paul Benedict, the owner, was once again diligent, creative and smart about how to build what we needed and make it look really good. So, once again, thanks to Paul and his crew, Chuck, Richard and Kyle, for making our new home that much nicer.


Buster loves to perch up on the walls so he can look out over the street and take in the view. John and I spent a Saturday planting our new planter with Japanese Maples and a Red Bud tree surrounded by grasses and tulip bulbs that will pop in the spring.

If you need retaining walls of any sort, we highly recommend Paul and Wall Systems, NW. Please get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to give you their number. Plus, they are super fun to work with.

We now have Margaret set for family and friends, and most likely us to live in for a few months as we get ready to renovate the house.


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