Full-time ‘Streamers

IMG_6469 - Version 2

Tonight we become full-time ‘streamers in our own backyard as we begin remodeling our home we’ve named Casa Vista del Lago Azul. We will probably be living in it for 3 months as the house is taken down to the studs and completely rebuilt except for some wonderful hardwood floors. It’s been nearly a year to get to this point, but we are finally moving forward. We’ll post our progress, but for this week, it’s all about removing stucco off the house and demoing the main floor now that the 2nd floor is mostly demoed.

Now that the project is out of our hands, I’ll get back to work writing and helping out wherever I can. John has another few weeks of work and then we’ll see what’s what.

We will most likely head out for weekend trips or during the week to get away from the mess and chaos. Looking forward to camping and enjoying the outdoors.

Stay tuned….


Incredible Airstream Interiors

Incredible Airstream Interiors

As we begin outfitting our new Airstream, we’ll look to these amazing interiors and others for inspiration. We’ve already picked out dishes and glasses from Crate and Barrel, a roll-up table that expands up and down from REI and other little things along the way. And since John came with a lot of duplicates in terms of household items, we’re going to utilize those as well to save a lot of money. I’ll post some of those items as we go.

Check out the link above to see how beautiful these vintage Airstreams turned out. Hat tip to my designer and artist buddy, Fritz Koch, for the link.