One Week Down

photoWhile I was away at my nephew’s graduation, John created a beautiful sitting area with all our potted plants and furniture so we could sit out and watch the sunset over the lake with neighbors and friends as they pass by to marvel at the work being done on the house. We are one week into the remodeling and enjoying watching the changes. We know we have to be patient, but it’s kind of hard after thinking, planning and dreaming of it for nearly a year.

We are addicted to HGTV and we can watch it in the trailer once we get cable running again, which was unceremoniously ripped down just before the weekend. We do wonder if the budgets on HGTV are realistic in many of the shows.


Abandoned Airstream #1

photo 3

While out hiking in the hills above North Bend, WA last Saturday, we came across this abandoned Airstream Safari. I wish I knew the year of it, but I don’t. I’m thinking it’s from the eighties or early nineties. It’s in an incredible spot: flat, trees, big open plot of land with an incredible view of the valley and Mt. Si.

photo 5

I wish I could find the owner of it and ask: What’s up? How can you abandon a beauty like her in a spot like this. Sad to think the trailer isn’t being enjoyed! But it did raise a lot of sinister questions between us in sort of a Twin Peaksish sort of way.

photo 4

The Airstream has blackberry bushes growing all around it, and in a few years, will be covered with them. The area is being developed rapidly, however, so I think that someday soon it will be taken away.

Margaret Has a New Home


After several weeks of building through typhoon and rain squall delays, Margaret has a new home. You might remember that we did a driveway and walls at our last house in January of this year, and when we moved, we had a larger job to complete.

The fantastic people at Wall Systems NW once again did a great job on our retaining walls and driveway so we can fit both our Flying Cloud 23FB and our tow vehicle in together. Lots of earth was moved, and rock used to build the walls.


Paul Benedict, the owner, was once again diligent, creative and smart about how to build what we needed and make it look really good. So, once again, thanks to Paul and his crew, Chuck, Richard and Kyle, for making our new home that much nicer.


Buster loves to perch up on the walls so he can look out over the street and take in the view. John and I spent a Saturday planting our new planter with Japanese Maples and a Red Bud tree surrounded by grasses and tulip bulbs that will pop in the spring.

If you need retaining walls of any sort, we highly recommend Paul and Wall Systems, NW. Please get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to give you their number. Plus, they are super fun to work with.

We now have Margaret set for family and friends, and most likely us to live in for a few months as we get ready to renovate the house.

UPDATED: A Reading at Alumafandango in Oregon – August 8, 2013 9:30am

novel cover

I’ve been asked to do a reading in support of my novel, AIRSTREAMING at Alumafandango in Oregon. I’ll be reading, Thursday, August 8th from 9:30 – 10:30am. So grab your coffee and come listen in! I hope all of you can make it! I’ll have AIRSTREAMING on hand to sign and my other novels, THE PALISADES and THE NARROWS, MILES DEEP as well.

Alumafandango is an Airstream Rally being put together by the good folks at RB Alumapalooza where ‘streamers from all over the country (about 100 Airstreams and their owners) will meet up and share stories about their Airstreams.

I’m very excited about doing this and they’ve asked me to talk a little about writing about Airstreams as well. To read up on the genesis of AIRSTREAMING, go here to a post on GLAMPER: An Airstream Diary. There are also pictures of places that exist in the novel. There is also a story by RG Coleman on here.

I will have books on hand to sell at the event as I have at the last two rallies I’ve attended. People are responding very positively to the book, which makes me extremely proud and happy. You can also download AIRSTREAMING on KINDLE¬†or NOOK¬†before the event!