Renovation Underway for a 1965 Airstream Globetrotter


If Airstreams could talk, you’d probably hear some great stories from the first days of this trailer.


Dubbed “The Banana Boat,” one can only imagine the many Mai Tai’s and Daquiris that might have been sipped in proximity of this vintage 20 ft. Airstream 1965 Globetrotter. Found on Craigslist, like most vintage Airstreams, this trailer wasn’t in great shape, but now is being given new life by a devoted restorer, who, from what she told us, is doing an enormous amount of research.

Dena Marean invited us up to Mill Creek yesterday to see her Airstream 20 ft Globetrotter in process of being fully restored. She has a wonderful story of how she came to love this Airstream, but I’m sure she’ll tell it when she begins writing about it in her own way. It was also great to meet a number of other vintage and Airstream and RV enthusiasts as well while we were there.


Dena has embarked on an amazing adventure piecing each part of the trailer back together from scratch. The hull is lifted in the air on some lifts and is undergoing panel replacement and window repair.

Here is the hull from the inside:


The chassis has undergone a full rust abatement program of sandblasting, frame welding and new paint.


The windows are being stripped of paint and then will be polished and put back in place.


The subfloor is being completely replaced and the hull will be restored to a fine shine.


Dena has amazing friends who are letting her use their large barn and workshop to help her restore her dream. She hopes to have the hull completely restored by March and is now working with a designer to begin thinking up a cool interior.

It is amazing all of the things she’s thought of already, and, like remodeling a home, there are so many choices to make and people to talk to. One of the people there yesterday was already helping her with the chassis and pointing out issues. The wonderful thing about fellow ‘streamers is their willingness to offer help and advice in the friendliest possible ways.


We wish Dena much success, look forward to watching her progress, and can’t wait to see her on some of our trips out for the weekend. After all, she has this map to restore and begin filling in with color.IMG_8693


Vintage Trailer Show, Issaquah, WA

Today, we went to a Vintage Trailer show in Issaquah, WA to see Shasta, Airtream, Streamline, Holiday House and several other models that were impeccably restored and maintained by their owners.  Triple X Root Beer hosted the show, and while that was fabulous, they had a no pet policy on their patio, marginal food, and a waitress experience that left us laughing. Oh, and they only accept cash. So, go for the vintage car and trailer show, of which there are many throughout the year, but don’t stay for the food and service.

Below are pictures of many of the trailers we saw. The fun part was to see all the kitschy items collected for each themed trailer. From Tiki/Hawaiin decor to Camp Lodge to The Jetsons and The Flinstones, each trailer was fun to look at. As a bonus, most of these trailers were pulled by matching vintage cars.

All photographs ©2014 Tom Schabarum


The Triple XXX Root Bear Stand and Trailers

IMG_6358 IMG_6356 IMG_6354 IMG_6353


Airstream 1957 Caravel

IMG_6334 IMG_6332


1949 Curtis Wright Model 5 Clipper

IMG_6319 IMG_6359

Shasta Flying Wing

IMG_6345 IMG_6347 IMG_6346

The Jetson’s Holiday House



The Westcraft Coronado Camp Lodge

IMG_6331 IMG_6330 IMG_6329 IMG_6325

Impeccable interiors and collectables add interest and fun to each trailer.

IMG_6343 IMG_6349 IMG_6350 IMG_6351


The Tiki/Hawaiian Shasta





A Retirees Dream


A Lemony Yellow bright Shasta Trailer





Airstream Ornaments


For the 2nd year in a row, my sister has outdone herself with sending me Airstream ornaments.  I love the Christmas tree and wreath on this one. It’s a very cool ornament.

photo 4

This year she also sent John and myself a very cool Airstream holiday doormat! Next year, when our house is complete, we will be able to have them all together on our tree. I don’t know how she finds these things, but they are really fun to have and include in our burgeoning collection of Airstream themed collectibles. Thanks, Laura!

Send me some photos of your Airstream ornaments and I’ll include them here and on Pinterest.