Hofmann Architecture and Santa Barbara Auto Camp


I dropped by Hofmann Architecture this weekend while I was in Santa Barbara to meet Wally who I’d been emailing with while I was in search mode for our Airstream. They have quite a restoration project going on with roughly 9 different vintage Airstreams in their yard in various stages of repair with more on the way.

IMG_3731 IMG_3732 IMG_3736

Wally and Matthew, the owners, could not have been nicer and their crew were all busy at work while I was there. It’s quite a production. Hofmann Architecture’s approach with clean lines, durable fabrics and modern living features updates these classics quite nicely. They have a wide variety of clients looking for a travel trailer to take on the road, provide an out-of-house office or extend their living space for visiting guests. Some want all three!

1972tradewind_mainvertical Aussie3 AutoCamp2 AutoCamp3 IMG_2283


I also checked out their other project, Santa Barbara Auto Camp, which contains 5 vintage Airstreams all restored, remodeled and updated to today’s lifestyle, and each named for the Channel Islands that sit just off the coast. Each trailer is unique and offers a different living experience. Each are nicely landscaped with a deck, seating area, and has an outdoor bar-b-que.


IMG_3710 IMG_2326

They are available for nightly rentals and each one comes with a couple of cruiser bikes to ride around town or head to the beach.


The location is uptown and boasts easy shopping at Trader Joe’s just a couple blocks away, world famous McConnell’s Ice Cream down the street, and many coffee shops to choose from. The historic Santa Barbara Mission is an easy bike ride away, as are the beautiful beaches that the central coast is known for.

Each vintage Airstream is clean, comfortable and extremely efficient. If you want to experience what it would be like to live in one for a weekend before actually purchasing a trailer, this is a great place to discover the excitement and comfort of ‘streaming before you’ll end up wanting to buy your own!

Motorhome1 IMG_3695 IMG_2290 IMG_2274 IMG_2280

While I was there, Wally Hofmann had me give a copy of my book to one of his clients who were there inspecting their vintage model that was found in Alabama. It was just starting on its journey to being renewed.


Incredible Airstream Interiors

Incredible Airstream Interiors

As we begin outfitting our new Airstream, we’ll look to these amazing interiors and others for inspiration. We’ve already picked out dishes and glasses from Crate and Barrel, a roll-up table that expands up and down from REI and other little things along the way. And since John came with a lot of duplicates in terms of household items, we’re going to utilize those as well to save a lot of money. I’ll post some of those items as we go.

Check out the link above to see how beautiful these vintage Airstreams turned out. Hat tip to my designer and artist buddy, Fritz Koch, for the link.

Vintage Airstream Village, Florida

IMG_3446 IMG_3448

I spent a year vacillating between going vintage or a new model. A 1970’s era Overlander is featured in AIRSTREAMING and I thought how cool it would be to go around the country and conduct readings and then show people the Overlander so they’d have a visual reference to what they’ve read or are going to read. What I found were that most Vintage owners are quite adept at carpentry, plumbing and remodeling, which I am most certainly not (though I do envision myself as a person who could with lots of practice).

But let’s be real. I would be working on it for years before I would get it to a place I’d want it to be, or I’d have to hire out for all the other stuff, which would price me right back to getting a new Airstream. I will always, however, have great respect for the vintage models and someday, when I retire, might embark on doing one. At Bates RV in Florida they have a mini Vintage Airstream Village that is fun, and each Airstream contains an office or is used by the company.

One can dream.